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Offices Investments

Our offering include model settlements , residential suburb and villa resort in the Europe and Southeast Asia countries. 

Many are anchored by internationally recognised tenants and located in key centres of population in some of the world’s most stable economies. 

By design, our residences are not just mere habitats. Our blueprints show your enjoyment in mind and your utmost ease at the very heart of every development.

Our Residence Property strategy is 

• to target the strongest economies of Europe and Southeast Asia countries. 

• to target locations that have potential for rental increase and capital appreciation 

• to work with very strong tenants that are committed to 10-15-20 year lease terms (+ renewal options) with rent increases in line with inflation 

• to provide comprehensive ‘turnkey investments’ where the administration of the business is handled by a Management Company 

• to create a structure where no direct investor involvement is required in managing accounting or taxation issues, as a specialised company will deal with these issues on the investors’ behalf 

We offer a selection of the best residence  investment properties available worldwidel.